Hello this is the YarozeScene website... sortof...

unfortunately this site was off-air for a few years, tumbling through cyberspace unregistered, and the old files have been lost (or temporarily mislayed at least).

If you are/were a Yarozer and you want details of your games posted here, or links to your own personal game site, then please email the details to me ( at zmoose*BTinternet*com replacing the asterisks with the appropriate symbols ) and I will populate this site.

..or even if you just want a message posted on this page to try and get back in touch with someone just email it to me.

Whether this site becomes a live site again or just remains this 'place holder' depends on whether there is any interest or not.. but I certainly think it would be nice to have some screen-shots and details of some of the yaroze games with description and links to their authors, especially those games released with the YarozeScene logo.

An archive of the old website (but with only a few screen shots) can be seen at web.archive.org
Try clicking on the below link and then
click on the entry dated "Oct 03 2003"
(that's the most recent one without the adverts I think)
When I tried it the screen shots did not appear straight away and then only a few of them, but perhaps if you wait a even longer or catch their server in a better mood you get more screen shots.


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